Alexandra Demetree was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. At a young age she knew playing music was what she wanted to do and that's all she's been doing ever since. She's played for former First Lady Barbara Bush and in front of Cinderella's castle at Disney World. Her pure voice and charming personality make the perfect recipe for a future star.

While visiting us in studio she performed two songs. The two songs were different in that one was about a break-up and the other about what true love is, but both were truly amazing. Luckily, Polly was Live Streaming on our Facebook page.

"Out of My Head"

"You Still Think I'm Beautiful"

That's her guitar player Mark (Matt). He was really cool when I called him the wrong name ON AIR! Some of her other songs include, "Pick Me Up", "Just Alone", and "Lay It On Me." These songs are all available on iTunes and you can get more information on Alexandra by visiting her website and by following her on social media.

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