Someone call Jeff Foxworthy. We have a new 'You Might be a Redneck' joke for him after finding an ATV on top of a car in central New York.

Tracy Gilbert King saw the Redneck carrier at Stewart's in Holland Patent. The ATV, which is almost as big as the car it sits on, looks to be attached with rope or bungee cords. It covers the back window, making seeing anything in the review mirror difficult.

Only in central New York!

But it's not just ATV's. When Winter hits in New York it's snowmobile season and people do whatever it takes to get to the trails. Steve Carr came across a snowmobile jammed into the back of a VW Bug in a Cobleskill WalMart parking lot in January.

Steven Carr

Marshton Kelly says he tried it the day after seeing it on Facebook. "I had to get it over to my buddy's to work on it. The only option was slide it in backwards and I anchored it down using ratchet straps hooked them in those hooks used for car seats for children."

Marshton Kelly

And here's another...

Ashley Marie

You do what you gotta do to get to the trails.