Just what dairy farmers wanted, more regulations.  Marylynn Collins with Cornell Cooperative Extension says beginning in June new rules will apply to teat dip.

The new regulations from DFA and Agrimark will ban dips that contain iodine.  If yours does, start shopping now for one that is labeled NPE-free.

The issue stems from the concern that NPE can leave residues in milk. The residues have been found to have both health and environmental implications. Residue levels found in raw milk are low but can be concentrated during processing.

Canada, Europe and China have all enacted the ban, which means the US could have problems exporting milk if they don't follow suit.  Marylynn says that there are other areas where iodine can creep in.  If you use cloth towels, laundry detergent can also contain NPE.  Also inspect rubber gaskets

Commercial detergents, like those used to launder reusable cloth towels on dairies, can also be a source of NPE.  Also inspect all rubber gaskets, inflations, and milk hoses or anything that comes in contact with milk.

Read more about the new regulations in the April Farm Flash at CCE.com

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