"You look mahvelous," as the old Fernando Lamas quote goes.  That's the meaning behind the annual Dairy of Distinction Awards.  Deadline to apply for the distinguished honor is April 15. 

The award is based on dairy operations that have "attractive, well-kept farms" in 5 states; New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Vermont.  While it's meant to honor the hard work that goes into running a dairy operation, it also has a second purpose.

Attractive dairy farms give consumers greater confidence in the wholesomeness of milk and stimulate milk sales.

Any dairy farm producing milk for sale is eligible to enter.  Farms are nominated by the dairy secretary of each state and judging is done by road side visits to each nominee. Since the Dairy of Distinction Award began in 1983, more than 30 Oneida County farms have been recognized.

Application deadline is April 15.  You can apply online at Dairy of Distinction.com. Or contact the Secretary of New York, Nancy Putman at 315-322-5493 or email: dairyofdistinction@gmail.com.

SOURCE: Cornell Cooperative Extension and Dairy of Distinction

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