For some strange reason, men find the need to propose on Valentine's Day. It can be cute and romantic, however, it's all about where the proposal actually happens. Here's the worst places across Utica, Rome, and Syracuse to propose at. 

1) Oneida Solid Waste Recycling

Nothing says romance like the dump right? Also avoid Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste, Utica Hauling, and any where near the Wast Management location in Utica.


2) Rome Hatchery

Why in the world would someone consider proposing to their loved one at a fish hatchery? I mean, come on. Unless the fish is going to jump up and drop the ring on the ground for you to pick up, you should totally avoid that.


3) Onondaga Lake

Swimming at Onondaga lake is always a risk. You should watch out any time, but also watch out if you plan on going down on one knee near the water. You may get some interesting smells and sights.


4) At A Local Auction House

There are plenty of auction buildings all across Central New York. Who wants to propose at one? Are you buying the ring at the auction, then proposing there? That may be a bad idea.


5) Union Station Parking Lot

The train station is beautiful. It makes great engagement photos, and even wedding ones too. However, the parking lot may not be the most beautiful place in the world. Don't propose outside here, do it indoors.



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