What are you afraid of, heights? Or maybe being seen without clothes on? Well these women decided to conquer their fears all at once and jump out of an airplane in their lingerie.

Marissa Gallegos and Jen Hoffman, the two of the women whose idea this was run the photography firm Esme and Eve Photography based out of L.A. have shot for the likes of Maxim Magazine, Time Warner Records, Geffen and the L.A. Times but this stunt puts them on the map in a much different way. However, this is no publicity stunt. Each of the seven women skydiving this time have overcome a serious tragic issue such as an abusive relationship, eating disorder and rape and each woman is jumping as a symbolic liberation of their individual fears. But why do it in their underwear? It's not how you might think.

Both women did a skydive together previously and they didn't want to put on the flight suits on considering how hot it was in L.A. that day, to the tune of 100 degrees, so... They decided to go without and the rest is now history

“When we landed, it just hit us how powerful the experience was,” Gallegos said. “We needed to come back and do it in a big way with a bunch of other women that have all faced certain fears and insecurities and moved past them. It’s all about empowering them. Life is about evolving and moving past things so we can move forward.” They thought it was best to do the jump in their underwear because “it was more about baring your soul, and being OK with it, and not being ashamed,” Hoffman said.

So, on November 17th, this Saturday, Marissa, Jen and 5 other women will jump for the event which is now being called "Be Bold: Take the Leap" and they hope this will raise awareness for women's issues and that it can become a yearly tradition. A documentary of this weekend's jump is forthcoming... As is a possible wardrobe malfunction? How those skivies stayed on during the jump is beyond me, I mean think about it. You can't even dive into a pool without losing your bathing suit, how about some serious relative wind!?

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