If you've never been crazy enough to jump out of a 'perfectly good airplane,' as my husband says, it's hard to describe the feeling.  It's been on my 'Bucket List' since I was 16 and I always thought I'd be nervous. But it was more excitement than nerves and remembering everything my instructor told me to do so, 'you don't kill us both.' 

It wasn't until the plane door opened and the cold, strong wind came whipping in, that I panicked.  Just for a second. After that, it's go time and you don't have time to panic.  Step here. Cross your arms. Lean over. Head up. Smile.  JUMP!  I remembered everything but the smile.  I was too busy repeating, 'OH MY GOD!'  Watch the video and count how many times I say it.

What a rush!  I'd do it again in a heartbeat.  This time I could enjoy the fall, instead of focusing on not doing anything wrong.

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