Just the mere mention of Girl Scout Cookies makes most peoples' mouth start to water. Even reading the words will have the flavors running through your head. Stop imagining and start munching with our 5 in 5 contest. Win 5 boxes of cookies and a chance to grab a share of 5 grand too with the Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways.

Weekday mornings we'll feature one of Central New York's Girl Scouts in our Facebook video. At 8:10 we'll ask caller 10 to name one thing our Scout mentioned. Get it right in 5 seconds and you win 5 boxes of cookies. Even sweeter, you'll be entered in a drawing to win a share of $5 grand in the Gimme 5 Cookie Sweepstakes.

Cookies sales kicked off this past weekend and run thru March 24. Don't know a girl scout? Find one online or call 855-213-8555. Beginning March 2, girls will begin setting up booths for cookie sales. Find a booth at their website or there's an app for that too for Apple and Android.

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