There is a new law for New York state that could be passed that would allow minors to gamble with parents and grandparents. Before you think you will see 15 year olds in the casinos, this is referring to bingo.

WGRZ reports that The New York State Senate passed a bill on 3/11/2019 that would once again allow minors to participate in games of bingo when they are accompanied by an adult.

“Countless Western New Yorkers have memories of playing bingo with a parent, grandparent, or close family friend, and some even of winning a prize. Unfortunately, a change in state law last year prevented accompanied minors from playing, despite the supervision of an adult," Kennedy said in a statement.

"This legislation sees to it that children can once again take part in the decades-old tradition of playing bingo – a game that helps raise funds for nonprofit and/or religious organizations. I urge the Assembly to take up this legislation so that once again kids can have this fun activity to do with their family.”"

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think its a fun idea, or bad?

If it does eventually pass, minors will once again be able to play bingo with a parent or a grandparent and even be able to win a prize.

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