The so-called 'superfight' between UFC fighter Connor McGregor and boxing legend Floyd Mayweather has been finalized and the two are set to square off on August 26. Luke wants you to save your money and skip this one.

I know your first reaction might be, "but why would I want to miss this piece of sports history?"

Because it's a joke. McGregor is new to boxing(has only trained for a year or less) and Mayweather hasn't taken a fight he couldn't win in decades.

We'll see the same thing as we did in Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, Floyd playing defense dancing around the ring until it's over and he wins by decision.

McGregor is a phenomenal mixed martial arts fighter, but if you really think Mayweather is going to let Connor land any important punches, I think you're in for a surprise.

And finally, with Mayweather's sketchy past, I personally have a problem with contributing to his hundred million dollar payday.

Watch the video to see more of my thoughts and of course let me know why you think I'm wrong or right.



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