You've probably heard it before, maybe you're one of the people saying it - "Why would anyone want to live in Utica?"

It's a hard question to hear if you like Utica and the Central New York area.

So why do people ask this? Why do people assume that no one wants to live in Utica? Well, this could have a lot to do with what people hear on the news - The shootings, robberies, and all the bad stories. They probably get sick of the construction and news of businesses closing and all that, too. Maybe they're still looking at the old Utica - The Utica that was known for being corrupt and filled with crime.

But there are some major problems with those statements above...

First of all, every city in Central New York and across America for that matter, has to deal with shootings, robberies, and other sorts of crime. It happens. It happens everywhere. Just because you don't hear about it often, doesn't mean a city in Iowa isn't dealing with their own local bad news. There is no escaping that no matter where you live - Including Utica. As for the businesses closing down and the construction - Again, that's going to happen everywhere. And don't forget about all the businesses that have opened in Utica. If you're looking at the old corrupt and crime-filled Utica, you're living in the past. You can't base what's happening here and now on what happened 10 or 20 years ago. That's a lot of time, and a lot of changes have happened in that time.

What it comes down to is the pessimists and optimists. There are those who will never be happy with Utica - They'll never see the good in the city. These are the people who are more likely to ask "Why would anyone want to live in Utica?" They're unhappy, and can't see why anyone would feel any differently. We don't want to focus on them, we want to focus on the optimists.

Utica Starts With YOU Sign

The optimists are those who are willing to acknowledge Utica's past, but still look toward the future. The optimists see all the changes that have happened in Utica to make it a better place to live. It may be a slow process, but things are changing for the good, and the optimists see that. They are also the people who are willing to take action, come up with ideas to help the city - Instead of just moping and complaining about the area.

There's many good things about Utica that some people seem to forget - There's many reasons why someone would choose to live in this area. Things like:

- Everything you need is in close driving or walking distance (going out to eat, shopping, working, banking, and anything else you could think of)

- The variety of culture that allows you to experience something new - It's like traveling to another country, without having to leave home

- It's close to the Adirondack Mountains

- The amazing food and the variety of choices when it comes to going out to eat or picking something up

- You get to experience all four seasons, from the falling leaves to the hot summer days that are perfect for hanging out outside

- The valleys and hills, mountains in the distance, and the scenery that you can't see just anywhere

- All the things to do between going to the Utica Zoo, the AUD, seeing a show at the Stanley, Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute, Varick Street... We could go on and on

- The community. People in Utica and Central New York really know how to come together for a cause. Everyone seems willing to donate a few bucks, or a little bit of their time to help out their neighbors.


Okay, there's eight reasons right there. And there's plenty more! If you're not sure why someone would choose to stay in Utica, refer back to the list above...
Or you can just ask one of the optimists, one of the people who actually love and care about this area, why they still live here. We're sure you'll get a solid answer.





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