We're pretty understanding when it comes to visitors and out-of-towners, but if you live in Utica, Rome, or anywhere else in Central New York, you KNOW these things are just wrong...

 1. Not Having a Favorite Place for Chicken Riggies

When visitors come to the area, it's all about the excitement of getting them to try Utican food like greens and chicken riggies. But if a group of people got together to tell those out-of-towners where to get these Central New York staples... Well, it's going to turn into a heated debate. Everyone has their favorite place for these types of food, and you can't tell them different. It's just how it is. Every place puts their own spin on the classic dish, so depending on what your taste buds like, depends on which place you'll like best. Just don't call someone out for not picking your restaurant as their favorite too, because you'll be wrong.

2. Not Being Open-Minded

This is pretty much inexcusable anywhere, but it holds especially true for Central New York. The Utica and Rome area are such a mixing pot of... well, everything - different cultures, different styles of music, different ways of life, everything. If you can't be open-minded and willing to try something new, you won't fit well in CNY. You don't have to agree with another person's view or thinking, but you do need to keep an open-mind.

3. Not Understanding the Roads

The Corner of Clinton and Clinton in Central New York
Naomi Lynn/TSM

Just kidding. Everyone knows that the roads are a little more confusing out here, and most people know giving directions can be a pretty difficult task - Especially, if you're trying to get someone from one town to a specific place in another. There is some basic understanding of the main roads that are needed though. This one we definitely excuse visitors on - They're allowed to get lost every time they're in their car. It's just going to happen.

4. Not Being Involved in the Community

We're not saying you have to be the head of some organization, or be a part of six different clubs and groups all focused on making the area better, but you have to be involved in something. This doesn't even mean you have to go to meetings or anything like that. But one thing you have to do? Show some support. Whether it's donating old clothes to the Salvation Army, giving a few dollars to the bell ringers around the Holidays, or just picking up litter on the sidewalk outside of your home. Just look at the community support that came out for "The Gift of Music." This area is always willing to help, and you have to be willing to help as well, if you're a true Central New Yorker.

5. Not Keeping Busy

If you find yourself bored in Utica, Rome, or anywhere else in Central New York, you're doing something wrong. Maybe you just want to complain, or you're just not looking hard enough, but there's always something going on. Sure, there's the usual ideas like heading to the Utica Zoo, or seeing a show at The Stanley or Players of Utica, but there's so much more. There are always fairs, and farmers markets going on. There's a million parks with spectacular views to go for a walk in. You can go hiking, camping, or fishing. Spend the day shopping in New Hartford, or drive down to Cooperstown - Not only for the Baseball Hall of Fame, but also for shops in town, the drinks, and the delicious foods. Go mine for Herkimer Diamonds or take a Canal Cruise. There's always something to do.



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