You might be thinking, "What the heck is a coffee stand?!" But wait, stay with me.

Growing up just outside of Seattle, I can assure you that coffee is HUGE. Seattle is the birthplace of Starbucks, after all. So, naturally, Seattleites need coffee anywhere and everywhere. Coffee stands are a tiny, efficient way to achieve that goal.

Coffee stands are small, one-room "buildings" with everything you could need to make coffee inside and usually one or two baristas. They serve all sorts of drinks and pastries, and, in Washington, you can't go a few blocks without seeing at least one.

Now hear me out. We need coffee stands in central New York. Why?

Well, first of all, they're a fun, hassle-free way to get your coffee. Imagine a drive-thru, but there's no option of going in, so you don't have to feel guilty staying in the warmth your own car and jamming out to your tunes while you wait. Plus, your baristas are always nice. (Okay, this may be more of a situational reason, but I've seriously NEVER had a bad experience with a barista at a coffee stand.)

Coffee stands also make drinks that you just can't get at other coffee companies. Take my favorite, for example: a strawberry Red Bull Italian Soda. This drink is bound to kick you in the butt and taste great at the same time.

Here's another random fact about coffee stands in the Pacific Northwest: there's such a thing as bikini baristas and a company in Seattle just opened the first male version of a not-so-family-friendly coffee stand.

Now here's a clarification: I'm not saying central New York needs to dive head first into the wormhole that is coffee stands, but come on, can't we just get one regular stand that will give me my fix of Red Bull Italian Sodas and friendly interactions?! Is that really too much to ask??

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