If you were a student at Whitesboro Central School District and involved in music in any way, then you likely had Ms. Jane Beck as a teacher. Ms. Beck has been teaching kids of all ages at the school for 36 years. Now she is retiring.

The Spring Concert at Whitesboro High School is always a bittersweet one, as it's normally the last for graduating seniors. This year it wasn't just the last concert for seniors. Ms. Beck conducted her last concert May 25th, 2016. She's been in charge of several musical groups, including the high school's A'Capella choir, Chamber Choir, The Barbershop Quartet, and the Sweet Adaline's.

Conducting wasn't the only thing Ms. Beck did during her tenure at Whitesboro. She also directed several plays, including 'Peter Pan' and 'The Wizard of Oz.'

Ms. Beck was loved by all of her students and colleagues and will be truly missed. Her lessons and presence will forever remain a part of the school's memory.

*Story Written and Submitted by Big Frog 104 Intern Dan Curtacci (Former Student of Ms. Beck).*

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