(Updated on 11/4/20 at 4:20) A case of COVID-19 forced the closure of three schools in the Whitesboro Central School District on Tuesday. Whitesboro High School, Middle School and the Parkway School moved to remote learning for Tuesday, while the school district and Health Department conduct contact tracing. The school announced on Tuesday that classes will resume to their normal schedule on Wednesday.

  • Whitesboro High School, Middle School, and Parkway School will be open for in-person learning tomorrow, Wednesday November 4.

The "plan is to reopen the High School, Middle School, and Parkway School for in-person learning on Wednesday, November 4 for students in cohort C (day 1). Please be advised that this impacts the scheduling of all cohorts moving forward (cohort A will report on Thursday, November 5, cohort B will report on Friday, November 6, and so on). The calendar on the District website will be updated to reflect these changes at the calendar section of the district website."

Elementary schools were not impacted, and continued operating on their normal hybrid schedule.


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