Forget getting your Canadian made poutine, maple syrup, and Aero candy bars. The United States and Canada have agreed to keep travel restrictions in place for at least another month.

The news seemed to come from Canada first, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau telling CTV News it "was the right thing to do." He also added, it could be months before non-essential travel is allowed. So who is allowed to cross the border?

  • Health-care workers who work and live on opposites sides of the line, and traffic that involves the flow of trade and commerce. So no to tourists and visits to family members.

The extension keeps the travel restriction in place until June 21 as both countries are in the early stages of re-opening. Both President Trump and Trudeau say they are looking at the situation on a weekly basis.

Canada's COVID-19 numbers pale in comparison to the U.S. 6,000 people have died from the virus north of the boarder while U.S. deaths total more than 90-thousand. Read more on the story at CTV's website. The same restrictions apply to the United States Mexican border too.

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