I haven't seen a single place that's offering gas this inexpensive in the Utica area. So if you're looking to fill up, this is the best place to go!

I guess I am lucky enough that this is on my ride to and from work on a daily basis. Actually, it's even where I filled up last as the stocking up on fuel craze was beginning. Kinney Drugs in Whitesboro I am noticing is not jumping on the bandwagon of raising prices like so many other gas stations locally. I noticed just on Saturday that fuel was costing only $2.89 per gallon! That's such a super low price when some places in the area are hopping around $3.15 for a gallon.

Vinnie Martone, TSM
Vinnie Martone, TSM

I did just take a ride over to their Oriskany Boulevard location to double-check, and they did raise their price. But it's still only $2.95 for a gallon of gas. I drove by a few other places and noticed they aren't nearly as cheap. For instance, Fastrac in Marcy has their fuel priced at $3.05. If you just cruise over Mohawk you'll get fuel 10 cents cheaper. Sure, I bet if you're a member at BJ's you could save a little more on the price of gas, but that can be a hassle at times.

The $2.95 a gallon pricing is as of Monday, May 24th around Noon. Who knows if and when the price will rise at Kinney. So for now, I say just stop by Kinney Drugs and fill up that tank in Whitesboro.

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