Football is underway. The jack-o-lanterns are carved, and it's only a matter of time before the white stuff hits. This is the perfect time to make sure your winter equipment (plows, snowblower, etc.) is ready for prime time.

Art White of White's Farm Supply has a few tips for making sure your equipment is at peak operating order for another season or ready for storage:

1) Review your owner's manual. It will tell you exactly what seasonal maintenance your machine needs, but in general, you should clean it up, make sure the fluid levels are correct, check the air filter and make sure all controls are free and lubricated. Whether the machine will be in storage or used throughout winter, you'll want to make sure the fuel is ready for cold temperatures, too, especially if it runs on diesel. No one wants to deal with gelling or freezing fuel!

2) Consider whether you need professional service, especially if it's hard to start or if it's been a while since a professional has looked at it. Technicians work on equipment every day and have access to the best tools for the job. In addition, the technicians at White's Farm Supply are factory-trained, so they know your equipment in and out. They might just catch something you'd miss!

3) Check the battery. Any time you're not using the machine, a battery maintainer is a pretty cheap way to make sure you get the full life out of your battery. If you're removing the battery for storage, consider placing it on plastic or wood on a shelf. If the battery is dirty and you place it on the floor, the electricity could run through the dirt to the floor, draining the battery.

4) Start shopping now. White's Farm Supply is seeing supply shortages related to the COVID-19 outbreak, so if you're considering buying new equipment for the next season, now's a great time to get your order in. That way, you'll have it ready to go when you need it.

As always, the friendly staff at White's Farm Supply is ready to answer all your questions and find the right equipment for your needs and budget. They do ask that you wear a mask into the store and respect social distancing, but all five locations are open! You also can schedule a service appointment or request a quote online here.

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