What's better than candy? Free candy! That's what makes Halloween so much fun. Trick-or-Treating has been a time honored tradition for decades, and if you want the best and most candy you have to make sure to visit the best streets. We're on a mission to find the best neighborhoods in Central New York for trick-or-treaters to visit.

Do you know of a certain spot in the Mohawk Valley that gives the best treats? Maybe the houses give whole candy bars, as opposed to just the "fun-size" chocolates. Is there a neighborhood out there known for giving the healthiest treats? A particular street may be the best because they have houses with the coolest decorations. It can even be because it's a safe neighborhood. Whatever the reason, let us know where it is so that kids trick-or-treating have the best experience possible. No matter where you decide to go to do your tricking, or treating be sure to do it safely. Always make sure your children are supervised while going door to door on Halloween night.

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