April 28th is known as Kiss Your Mate day. Where in Central New York should you share those kisses? We decided to come up with a unique hit list for you to check out.

Lovers Lane Oriskany

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Why not share a kiss on a road named Lovers Lane? In Oriskany, the road is fairly short, and makes a beautiful hike/walk. Take your mate on this trail, and drop a kiss.


Pixley Falls of Boonville

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Pixley Falls State Park is located in the town of Boonville in Oneida County. It's open all year, which means, you can enjoy the beautiful 50-foot waterfall whenever. That means, plenty of smooching near the falls, and maybe at the picnic area.


Sylvan Beach and Oneida Lake

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What could be more romantic than a nice roller coaster ride or a stroll on the beach? Take your lover to Sylvan Beach and enjoy the sunshine, great food, and a wonderful stroll through the amusement park.


Utica Zoo

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Head out to the Utica ZOO ZOO ZOO and take your mate around to see the amazing animals, and the beautiful views of the city of Utica. You'll find several romantic spots, which makes kissing a little easier.


King Pin Lanes in Rome

Julian Finney/Getty Images for DAGOC

I know what you're thinking: bowling and kissing? Here's the deal. If you're nervous, and looking for a fun date, bowling is always an option. You could always make a bet like "If I get a strike you owe me a kiss", I'm sure that would go over amazingly right?