The Central New York community came together to make a HUGE impact on the Utica Zoo.

It's always inspiring to see how big Central New Yorkers hearts are. Whenever someone needs a hand, there's always hundreds of people there ready to help. That's what makes living here so special.

And this latest call-to-action did not disappoint.

Credit - Utica Zoo via Facebook
Credit - Utica Zoo via Facebook

Save a Life Campaign

The Utica Zoo recently held their Save a Life Campaign, in partnership with Staffworks and Mohawk Valley Gives. Through the initiative, they asked the community for donations to help support the "much needed" care of animals at the zoo.

Did you know that it costs approximately $7,000 a day to care for all of the animals at the Utica Zoo? Your gifts to the Utica Zoo not only help support the care needed for our animals, but it assists in the protection and sustainability of vulnerable species and the planet.

In total, they raised over $33,000 for the zoo... with Staffworks giving their own generous donation of $10,000 as part of #DoubleYourDonation.

You Can Still Help

Good news if you're just finding out about the initiative... you can still help. The Community Foundation is still accepting donations in support of the zoo.

We are so grateful to be part of such a supportive community of local businesses and individuals. As a not -for-profit that depends on contributions, we are appreciative of gifts of any size...the combined impact is of immediate benefit to the animals.

You can find the link to donate on The Utica Zoo's website.

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