Parents and students of the Utica City School District are on high alert today (September 30, 2021) and are worried about what to expect as a social media post circulates saying a school shooting will take place.

According to Utica Police Department (UPD,) the post references an individual who claims they are going to commit a school shooting. The post states "I will shoot up the school Thursday September 30th. Whoever reads this, this is good warning this is not a joke this is an active threat." As soon as they became aware of the situation, they began an investigation in conjunction with the school district.

*DISCLAIMER: This post contains vulgar and offensive language, but is exactly what was circulating around in it's original form.

Credit: Utica Police Department
Credit: Utica Police Department

After thoroughly combing through social media and speaking with the students and parents of those who received the message, UPD discovered that none received it directly from the individual who originally posted it to social media. They also determined that none of those interviewed had any knowledge about the male who created the post, or recognized him once they were shown his face.

Although a very scary sight to see, there is evidence that the original post has nothing to do with Utica, NY - and UPD says they believe the post originated in Central Florida around the city of Orlando.

 The continued investigation found more evidence consistent with that location and nothing at all immediately associated with Utica, NY. This included friends, followers, and commenters of the original poster. The great majority of them also resided in the Orlando, Fl. area.

UPD has been in contact with law enforcement in Florida who are aware that the post is going around. Although they are not absolutely certain that the individual named in the post is the one responsible for the threat, all measures are being taken to investigate.

It's important to note that the post never once mentioned Utica, Proctor, or any specific individual inside the school district. However, UPD and the Utica City School District say they will continue to make the safety of students, staff and faculty their very top priority.

There will be many additional heightened security measures taking place at our schools to ensure this.

UPD will continue to investigate this specific threat, and anything else like it that may come with "the utmost importance and expediency."

If you have any specific concerns related to this and the City of Utica, you can contact UPD at (315) 735-3301.

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