We've all been there; stuck in a meeting with a million things to do. Hear 'What Women Think' inside staff meetings.

Staff meetings are a necessity to keep everyone informed and on the same page. But some seem to drag on....and on. The quick meeting turns into an hour  especially if there are several people involved. The more people, the more time to get sidetracked.

Most meetings have that one co-worker that brags about their kids, that joker that keeps interrupting to tell jokes and the one that keeps asking questions.

As the meeting drags on, your mind wanders to everything you have to do for the day; making calls, returning emails, piles of paperwork and recalling if you got something out for dinner. Then comes the moment your realize you have to go to the bathroom after all that coffee you drank all morning.

The 15 minute meeting finally ends 60 minutes later and all you can think is 'I need a drink.'


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