June 28, 2016, was the third anniversary of the Mohawk Valley Flood. Local businesses and homes suffered millions in damage. Some of our neighbors lost everything.

The Mohawk Valley Flooding of 2013 devastated the area costing millions. FEMA was brought in to help, and Governor Cuomo flew into Mohawk to offer support. It took weeks for the water to recede.

When Severe thunderstorms ripped through Central New York yesterday, bringing torrential rain, hail, thunder, lightning, and flooding in certain areas, some people were remembering the flood of 2013.

Rachel Witter, Eyewitness News Chief Meteorologist, says the incredible clouds we saw yesterday over Central New York are called Undulatus Asperatus and means 'roughness.' Rachel says they're created by agitated waves of air going up and down near a thunderstorm without rain falling from them because they're non-precipitating clouds.

Herer are some excellent pics of Undulatus AsperatusSpecial thanks to Mike Sleet, Phil Johnson, Randy Raso, Norm Campbell and Carmen Roach, Paige Brown for the use of their amazing photos.

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