First off, by no means would I ever ask you for gifts. The greatest gift I have is entertaining you weekday afternoons on Big Frog.

I honestly mean that. No matter how corny that may seem, I love doing what I do.

HOWEVER, I could use some help. All month long I've taken part in "Real Men Wear Pink" with the American Cancer Society. I'm taking donations to get to $2,500.

So far, at the time of this post, I'm at $231. I'm very grateful and happy for all the donations. However, if you feel like saying happy birthday, maybe donate just $1. That doesn't seem like an awful lot to ask for right?

Throughout the month of October, l've committed to this challenge for breast cancer research. I've worn pink EVERY SINGLE DAY of the month. That means shirts, bracelets, a tie, and socks. I'm doing this all for the American Cancer Society.

Even if you don't donate, I appreciate you at least reading this.

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