What is the viral challenge on the internet "Straight Arm Challenge" all about? How do you do it?

The "straight-arm challenge" is a new, tricky, and semi fun, challenge on YouTube. It's been around since December of 2017, but it appears to be going viral here in Central New York late in 2018.

According to The Sun, the challenge involves trying to down a drink without bending your arm. Sounds easy, but not so much!

Since you can't bend your elbow, the only choice is to hold your arm out rigidly above your head and pour the whole load onto your face. Naturally, most of the drink always ends up splattering all over your body - making for some seriously messy clips of people attempting the trend."

Soda was a bad choice.

Here's how it works: Whenever one orders the other to "straight arm that", they oblige, no matter what the drink is or where they are. Milk, soda, beer, water, you name it!

Have fun, and get ready to make a mess.



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