"It is what it is." That has to be a phrase I hear, at least, three times a day. And, every time I hear it, I get a bit annoyed. I can't explain it; it's just one of those things. Well, if you have phrases that annoy you on a daily basis, you are not alone. Oxford University has named the top 10 most cringe-worthy phrases.

The university says the number one most annoying phrases heard every day is, "At the end of the day." This doesn't bother me much, but, maybe it's because I don't hear it every day.

Here's the rest of the most annoying phrases and words:

  1. At the end of the day
  2. Fairly unique
  3. I personally
  4. At this moment in time
  5. With all due respect
  6. Absolutely
  7. It's a nightmare
  8. Shouldn't of
  9. 24/7
  10. It's not rocket science

So, which phrases do you hear on a daily basis that just really get under your skin? We all have them; what's yours?