If you are like 72 percent of the people polled for a Rasmussen Reports survey that asked what American did this summer, your number one summer activity was going to a cookout or a barbecue. Was it? Was that your number one activity this summer? I figured that number would have been a lot higher. So what else did Americans do this summer?

The telephone survey of 1,000 people also found--coming in at a close second with 70 percent--Americans read a book this summer. 56 percent of those polled watched fireworks, 49 percent went on vacation and 51 percent did not go on a vacation.

So, what activities ranked lowest as the least popular for the summertime? Watching a movie in a movie theatre, going to the beach and going to an outdoor concert or theatre event were among the least popular summertime activities.

For more on the stats, visit the Rasmussen Reports website--click here for a direct link.

What did you do this summer? Did you summer fly by like mine did?