Every hunter dreams of that perfect trophy buck to put up on their wall. For Caledonia, NY farmer Ben Benedict that dream became an enormous reality. A deer that he and friends came to call "Hammertime" is one that he has been tracking and watching grow for about 3 years and finally, Ben took his shot.

It was a Sunday morning while he was getting ready for church service when he realized something was moving at the tree line of his woods. Being that it was the first weekend of rifle season, he went and grabbed his 30-06 and set himself up. When he got the white-tail in his sights he realized it was the one. According to an article on the Genesee Sun website, after the shot

Benedict let the dust settle and set out into the field to find the deer. Once he finally put his hands on the animal, he realized just how big and beautiful it was.


“He has 14 clear tines and we have it roughly scored at 170 points,” said Benedict. “We’re getting it scored officially and there are still some measurements to do. He was really worn down from the rut, there wasn’t an ounce of fat on him. When Kevin was taking pictures of him earlier he was probably 250 pounds, and when I got him he was about 170.”

The Kevin he is referring to is Kevin Keenan of Kevin Keenan Photography who took some amazing photos of "Hammertime." Ben was lucky to get this buck before someone else did. How it got this big without getting taken down is amazing, but now Benedict has a memory that will last a lifetime. Congrats Ben, enjoy that venison and that trophy! Make sure it goes somewhere special.

Check Out These Amazing Photos Courtesy of Kevin Keenan Photography

We want to once again thank Kevin Keenan Photography for the use of these photos. You can contact Kevin by visiting and liking his Facebook page.

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