Gail Ritter is hoping for a Christmas miracle. She's waited 40 years to reunite with her daughter who was adopted in 1975 and has turned her search to Facebook.

Brenda Sue Goodhines was born May 6, 1975 at Rome Hospital. Catholic Charities in Rome handled the adoption. Ritter says 40 years later, she believes she's seen her. "I've seen somebody that looked like me. My sister also saw the same person."

Many people use the power of Facebook to search for lost family members and Ritter says she decided to do the same after some encouragement. "I have a friend who kept telling me to do it, so finally I gave in."

Ritter may not be the only one who's looking to reconnect. "I really believe she's looking for me too. I'm just waiting on God," she says. "I've been praying for 40 years for this. I won't quit."

If you have any information on Brenda Sue Goodhines, call Gail at 315-942-4078 or contact her on Facebook.

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