A Syracuse native's search for his family has paid off. Michael Tweedie, who is adopted, turned to Facebook in April to find his birth parents. June 14th he met his mother Tamara for the first time.

The two had dinner and caught up on each other's lives. "It went quite well for a first meeting. I am still in a little bit of shock and awe. I can't believe this happened. I don't think the smile has left my face," Tweedie said.

In addition to his birth mother Tweedie says he found out he has two brothers as well. "I've already been talking to one of them."

The news is a surprise for Tweedie, but his birth mother wasn't as shocked. "She told me she always knew, she was just waiting for me to accept it," he says

It's hard to tell who is more excited for the family reunion. "I honestly think she is. Not to downplay how excited I am but I think she needed this more than I did."

Tweedie got the idea to search for his family on Facebook from a friend. "She did the exact same thing and she found her family. So I though what do I have to lose. Now there seems to be a surge in adoptees looking for their birth families."

Tweedie is hoping the future includes more time with not only his birth mother but his other family as well. "We talk almost every day and plan to meet again soon. Hopefully everyone else will come around because I'm looking forward to meeting everyone," he says.

The moment Tweedie and his mother first laid eyes on each is one he won't soon forget. "I'm so grateful. It was an incredible moment."

If you are looking for a family member, or know someone who is, the best place to begin is Ancestry.com.

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