Looking to try something out of the box at the Great New York State Fair? Sick of cotton candy and sausage? Try something different this year. Here's 3 different foods to look out for this year. 

1) Vegan Wings

Here in New York, who doesn't love a delicious chicken wing? However, with the recent surge in people switching to Vegans, how can you still enjoy this treat? According to Syracuse.com, take a trip over to Strong Hearts Cafe at the fair and sample these treats.

What it is: Soy protein shaped into 'wings' and deep-fried, then brushed with barbecue or Buffalo sauce, and served with celery and soy mayo-based ranch dressing."

Also you can sample them at their locations in Syracuse.



Looking for the short orange men from the Willy Wonka factory? You won't find them here. Enjoy something this year that isn't native to the United States.

What it is: Deep-fried Filipino-style egg rolls (called lumpias in the Philippines), with spring roll-style wrappers. Fillings include Traditional Beef; Crab Stuft Shrimp; Spinach Artichoke; and Chicken Wing Dip."

You will find these gems between Gates 3 and 4, along State Fair Boulevard, across from The Coliseum.


3) The Defibrillator

2 grilled cheese sandwiches + One deep fried cheeseburger + bacon + deep fried pickles= The new creation you can buy at the 2015 New York State Fair. We wrote about this a while back and you can Click Here to read more. The stand is next to the Coliseum (site of the horse shows), facing Restaurant Row.


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