When it comes to snow in New York, there is a love-hate relationship. This is one of the things everyone hates about it.

It is pretty easy to make that statement because never have you heard someone go, 'thank you sir for taking up two parking spaces, that doesn't happen. Instead, when looking for a spot at Walmart, One Genny, or any other local business, you'll find yourself calling people names because you cannot squeeze your car into a parking spot.

Look, it is completely and very understandable, but it doesn't change the fact that it is beyond aggravating.

Angry man driving a car

The other issue that arises with parking in a parking lot with snow is how a vehicle is maneuvered in. It is totally crazy how one inch of snow will mess with somebody's mind so much. With a measly little dusting of fresh powder, people forget how to put their car straight in a spot. Instead, they aren't just over a line, they are now in two or even three spots at a 45-degree angle. Asinine.

How About A Solution

Photo by Andrew George on Unsplash
Photo by Andrew George on Unsplash

It didn't take an hour of consultation with Einstein to figure this part out. When you pull into a spot, snow or no snow, just get as close as you normally do to the other car. Pull in slow id sliding is your concern and park your vehicle like normal. The fact that you might be over the line isn't the bewildering part, it's the fact that you take up so much space.

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