Waterville native Andrew Savage suffered one of the most epic blindsides in Survivor history, ending his second chance on the CBS reality show.

In what seemed like an easy tribal council vote, Kellie Wentworth pulled out an immunity idol shocking everyone, including her closest ally Ciera. The 9 votes cast for Wentworth didn't count, leaving 3 votes, all for Savage.

If anything is jaw dropping this season, this has got to take the cake. To pull that off, now that's playing Survivor.

In his exit interview Savage still couldn't believe his Survivor run was over. "I feel like Mike Tyson just cold clocked me. If anything is jaw dropping this season, this has got to take the cake."

Rather than being angry at the surprise vote, Savage was impressed with the game play. "To pull that off, now that's playing Survivor."

While on 'Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance,' Savage lost 23 pounds in 21 days. "This was 3 times harder than Pearl Islands in 2003. I've got more gashes and lacerations than I can count. I'm going to need to mentally and physically heal."

Savage graduated from Waterville Central School in 1981 and went to Hamilton College, where he graduated in 1985. Although he was born and raised in Waterville, Savage now calls San José, California home.

Hear what Savage had to say after being blindsided.

A day after everything sunk it, Savage appreciated having a second chance to play a game he loves.

It's not all bad news for Savage who is on the jury and will have a hand in deciding who wins this season.

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