There is nothing cooler than seeing Mother Nature at work and here in Western New York, we get some of the best shows ever.

From crazy cloud coverage to lake effect snow, Mother Nature is powerful and she showed off her power once again on Lake Erie.

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Check out this video of a massive waterspout that was caught on video.

Waterspouts are basically tornados over water and if they come in contact with a boat, or anything else on the water they can cause lots of damage just like tornados do on land.

If you happen to be on the water when a waterspout forms, the National Weather Service does have some safety guidelines you should follow.

  • Listen for special marine warnings about waterspout sightings that are broadcast on NOAA Weather Radio.
  • Watch the sky for certain types of clouds. In the summer, with light winds, look for a possible waterspout underneath a line of cumulus clouds with dark, flat bases. Any time of the year, a thunderstorm or line of thunderstorms can produce very intense waterspouts.
  • If a waterspout is sighted, immediately head at a 90-degree angle from the apparent motion of the waterspout.
  • Never try to navigate through a waterspout. Although waterspouts are usually weaker than tornadoes, they can still produce significant damage to you and your boat.


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