Some sounds, like birds chirping in the morning outside your window, are pleasant to the ear. Others, like a jack-hammer on the side walk, are not. For Terri Panuccio of Utica that 'jack-hammer' sound can be caused by something as simple as someone eating a potato chip. She suffers from a condition called Misophonia, which is simply a sensitivity to certain sounds. She went and saw 'Dr. Oz' for some answers.

During the taping, Terri said she was treated like a star. "My own dressing room, hair and makeup, and wardrobe assistance. As far as the answers I was hoping for, not really. He did vindicate me, though, and made it known that it's not me when I react to the sounds."

We'll be eager to see what the Doc has up his sleeve for his audience, but more importantly Terri. The "projected" air date for the show is Monday, April 25th. We will keep you updated on any possible changes. If you know someone who has sensitivity to sounds like Terri, cut them some slack.

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