UPDATE: National Weather Service confirms a tornado occurred in the Vernon/Verona area.

A possible tornado blew through Oneida County Friday. Eric Hacker shared video that his co-worker Terri Matthews took of what looks like a twister near Vernon Downs. It happened around 2pm Friday, June 30th.

A Tornado Watch was in effect for Oneida County Friday afternoon. Strong winds knocked down trees and power lines, leaving many in the Vernon/Verona area without power. Route 365 was closed as crews worked to clean up the mess Mother Nature left behind.

Tom Dwyer

The storm also caused damage in Sauquoit, knocking down trees on Mallory and Gaffenburg roads. A horse barn was even destroyed but Shelley Nichols says no animals were injured.

Shelly Nichols
Dotti Spina

National Grid is working to restore power in the area. If yours is out, you can check to see when it'll be back on at NationalGrid.com

Taylor Calhoun was near Vernon Downs when the weather alert went off. "It was so dark and the rain saturated for a minute or so and then everything calmed, the sun came out and the winds died down," she says. "But that only lasted a moment before the rain came back and the heavy winds picked back up. For being in a place that is not supposed to have tornados, I can say it was a storm unlike one I've seen."

The National Weather Service is in the Vernon/Verona area today to determine if a tornado blew through. From the looks of the video, it sure seems like it to me.

The weather has been out of the ordinary recently in central New York. With Stella in March, a cool Spring, wet Summer and just last week Barneveld saw so much hail it looked like snow.

If you have photos or video of the storm damage that you took, email Polly@Bigfrog104.com or send through the Big Frog 104 app.