It's confirmed. The National Weather Service says a "tornado occurred just Southwest of Verona and near Vernon shortly before 5PM on Friday."

The video, shared by Eric Hacker and captured by his co-worker Terri Nichols, was "a lot more video than we usually get for possible tornadoes," says the National Weather Service. The video was taken around 2pm Friday, June 30th, hours before the confirmed tornado.

Joshua Hedden caught what also looked like a tornado off Route 26 in the Westmoreland/Rome area.

Joshua Hedden

Route 365 - Verona

The storm that tore through Oneida County Friday, June 30th brought down trees and power lines, blocking Route 365 in Verona. Crews worked for hours to restore power and removed debris from the area.

Tom Dwyer


Trees were uprooted and a  horse barn was destroyed in Sauquoit. Luckily no animals were injured.

Shelley Nichols

38 Special, who was in town to play a concert at Vernon Downs, even shared the tornado on social media. "How ironic the day Don Barnes releases his new Album "Ride the Storm" we had a small twister touch down within yards of the stage today."

If you have photos or video of the storm damage that you took, email or send through the Big Frog 104 app.