Oh my!  You won't believe what brothers Peyton and Eli Manning are doing in a new commercial for Direct TV.  Not only do they RAP, they do it with the greatest hairstyles ever!  I don't know who's is better.  Eli's afro or Peyton's do.

I'm glad both are pretty good at their day job because their future as rappers isn't bright.  Although, I'll admit I've caught myself singing about 'football on your phone.'

Peyton Manning Sings 'Folsom Prison Blues' With Luke Bryan at Charity Benefit [VIDEO]

We know Peyton Manning can throw a football, but can he sing? He was at a Children's Hospital gala in Indianapolis where Luke Bryan played a show. Peyton got up on stage with him and sang Johnny Cash's 'Folsom Prison Blues.' Hear Peyton Manning's Indianapolis Farewell Song Trivia

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