Eli Manning decided to take part of Reddit's AMA series. Here are some of the top questions asked, and the top answers:


How competitive do you and your brother get at family gatherings? Any funny stories that resulted from that competitiveness?

We're probably not as competitive now as when we were both teen-agers, we had some pretty physical basketball matches back in the day, I guess so much that my dad ended up removing the basketball goal."



Is Tom Brady really that dreamy? Like seriously?

He's pretty good lookin'.

That was a real question by the way.



What's something hilarious you have done or seen a teammate do to a visiting team locker room while on the road?

After we beat the Cowboys in the opening game of their new stadium, I was requested to sign part of the locker room (which some of the Cowboys fans did not appreciate).




Eli, what's your favourite video game?

Zelda, on original Nintendo.

Very cool answer!



If you could tattoo any image on Peyton's body (presumably when he's passed out drunk), what and where would it be?

I think I would tattoo Mighty Mouse on his right forearm.

Great answer.



Did you have a lunchbox growing up? If so, who was on it and who would be on your lunchbox now?

Yes. I had one growing up. I'm pretty sure it was He-Man. And now... it would be Phil Dunphy from Modern Family.


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