A Central New York mother is thankful for the quick actions of a VVS bus driver who saved her daughter's life from a passing vehicle.

13-year-old Allona Lamphier was about to step off the bus after school on Monday, January 24, when a vehicle came driving by, cutting into the Lamphier's driveway to pass. The bus driver was quick enough to put his arm up and tell Allona to wait before stepping out the open door. "I am so grateful for the driver," said Allona's mom Kimi. "He pretty much saved my daughter from a horrible accident, because of his vigilance he stopped her right before stepping off."

It happened on State Route 49 where Lamphier says it's happened before. "This is the second time it has happened but on the other side of the road, and the stop sign by our house gets passed at least once a week."

Lamphier called New York State Police who are canvassing the area to see if they can find other videos to help identify the driver. "They have been super helpful." She also called the school to report the incident. "The school has been amazing. They are fully invested in helping try to find the driver."

Unfortunately, the bus only has cameras on the inside and was not able to catch a license plate. Lamphier says she looked at some of her other cameras to get a better shot of the vehicle, but couldn't get a clear view either. "This is why all buses should be equipped with dash cams. The next time this happens some where it may not end the same."

Credit - Kimi Lamphier
Credit - Kimi Lamphier

Lamphier is now making it her mission to get dash cams installed on school buses."Did you know even if the driver is caught it's a simple ticket and a $250 fine? This isn't just about finding the person who did it for me anymore. It's about stopping future incidents from happening."

Lamphier is also hoping the bus driver, whose name is Ian, can be recognized. "He was pretty shaken up about the entire situation and my husband and I are so grateful for him. He is definitely considered a hero in our house."

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