Gender reveal parties have become the new thing. Couples have used everything from balloons to cake to find out the gender of their child. Some have even used fireworks, which have led to forest fires. But these Buffalo Bills fans took their gender reveal to the next level.

Jack Simpson hosted a gender reveal the Bills Mafia way - by breaking a table.

For anyone unfamiliar with the Bills Mafia tradition - it involves a table and usually a lot of adult beverages. Basically, Bills fans jump onto the table, sometimes from high above, to break it in half. It started several years ago after a video of a fan jumping on and smashing a folding table went viral, according to Reddit. Now it's become a thing to do at tailgate parties.

Simpson took the Mafia tradition to his front yard. He climbed onto his van and jumped onto a table with 2 big black balloons taped underneath. When the table broke, and the balloons popped, smoke poured out, identifying the upcoming baby's gender.

You can watch the Bills Mafia gender reveal in the video above.

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