Carrie Underwood made her Sunday night football debut with 'Waiting All Day For Sunday Night.' She replaced Faith Hill, who had been singing the Sunday night opening for the past several years.

Carrie was pumped for her debut, tweeting her excitement.


Which version do you like better? Faith's or Carrie's.

Although I love Carrie and think her version of SNF is great, Faith had the better version. Maybe it's just because Carrie's version is new. I may change my mind after a few weeks.

Carrie Underwood Injures Foot After Falling on Stage [VIDEO]

Carrie Underwood can take a licking and keep on ticking. At a recent Texas show, she fell right in the middle of 'Undo It,' but she kept on singing. The fall was posted on Instagram and it looks like she caught her heel on her shirt.

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