Maybe like a growing number of people, you recently chopped your cable subscription in favor of streaming, but in your haste forgot that you'd also be chopping access to watching football games live at home. This is EXACTLY what happened to me, but I'm watching the Browns/Jets game on my Roku smart TV right now. Here's how you can, too.


This is ESPN's cash cow, so the only way that you can watch these games is to have a TV streaming subscription that carries the sports giant. This will cost you between $25 and $50/mo and I chose Sling Orange TV at the lower end of the spectrum. You can try YouTube, Playstation, AT&T or Hulu who all have (premium) horses in this race too. Note: If you have a regular Hulu subscription, this doesn't fly and you'll need to upgrade to their 'plus TV' option for $45.


We have an Amazon Prime subscription (apx. $11/mo.), so watching these games is just a click away if you too already subscribe to this service. Also, If you have an aforementioned streaming TV subscription you can tune into Fox as well.


This is also a problem that can be solved with a streaming TV subscription as these are all network offerings: CBS and FOX for Sundays and NBC on Sunday nights. Yopu could also go for a CBS All Access subscription for $5 so that could take care of your daytime Sunday games too, just not Sunday nights.


Just grab Sling Orange for $25/mo. and you're all set for football (and college basketball) season without having to cobble several apps together. Otherwise, if you just want to watch Thursday night football or just Sunday games, maybe you're existing Amazon or CBS All Access will do.

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