Have you ever wanted to know what it was like for colonist in America to hear the Declaration of Independence read to them? Revolutionary War Reenactment actors from Fort Ticonderoga try to give you that feeling every 4th of July. 

In 1775, at the outbreak of the Revolution, Union Soldiers were able to capture Fort Ticonderoga Fort from the British in an early morning raid on May 10th, only three weeks after Lexington and Concord. This was “America’s first victory” in the Revolution. This became a very useful, and important fort to American soldiers.  In 1776, Benedict Arnold organized the construction of the first American navy to thwart a British invasion from Canada. The fleet was built at Whitehall, and outfitted at Ticonderoga.

Fort Ticonderoga is a museum that you can visit throughout the year. For hours of operation, Click Here.



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