Last July, the Hands Team stopped in Utica to offer members of our community a unique and memorable opportunity. This was to learn and play piano.

The event was open to individuals of all ages, skill levels, and walks of life, and occurred outdoors in the Public Market at Union Station. Participants were taught how to play a part of an original song, and then filmed as they performed it. In the end, a video put all the different hands and participants together performing the song.

Hands Utica is part of a nationwide movement - The Hands Movement ( - whose mission is to unite all hands in the name of love for music. Hands has been hailed for its uniqueness and creativity in making music as accessible and fun for as many people as possible. It's steadily strengthening the music education/performance sector as a whole, and is unifying an otherwise diverse population through music.

The mission is music. The philosophy is that music should be accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Pretty cool right?

Did you spot any of your neighbors in the video?

BONUS VIDEO- Tour Woodhaven Park