Is that a mountain lion wandering outside an auto parts store in Upstate New York?

Let's be honest, if you saw a mountain lion (or any cat that could potentially kill you) you'd probably react the same way the folks that filmed this video did.

The video - which is only safe for work if you turn the volume down) - was filmed in Saranac Lake and posted to Facebook last weekend. You can't blame Kenneth Hoka for throwing in a few swear words.

So what is the big cat? Professor Paul Curtis of Cornell University's Department of Natural Resources tells it's definitely not a mountain lion - it's a bobcat. Mountain lions typically have longer tails. Curtis says the likelihood of seeing a mountain lion in New York is actually very low.

Personally, after we determined it isn't a house cat, we'd be too worried about heading in the other direction to figure out which kind of giant cat might be thinking about eating us.


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