The nominations are in and now it's time to vote for Big Frog 104's Best of Utica Chicken Riggies! Voting is now open through Friday April 21st at 5PM. 

Polls are open Monday April 17th 2017 11AM – Friday April 21st 2017 5PM.  You’ve got a whole week to cast your votes. Tell your friends, have them share the link too and let’s see what restaurant comes out on top at the end of the week. There are 62 nominees of Chicken Riggies below, but there can be only one Big Frog 104’s Best of Utica champion!

Once again, here’s the rules:

One vote is allowed per person. If suspicious or irregular voting activity is detected (i/e: the use of an exploitation bot or other malicious software, or inhuman voting patterns) TSM Utica reserves the right to remove specific IP’s (computers, tablets or phones) from the competition, along with all votes from each suspected IP. All other TSM official contest rules apply and if unforeseen needs arise, TSM reserves the right to adjust these rules or any other contest condition during the entire duration of Big Frog 104’s Best of Utica.



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