Here's some inspiration to get you through the week: Vince Gill performing his heartwarming track "What You Give Away" next to some seriously talented young singers. The country icon was a guest performer at the 2016 Nashville Public Education Foundation Hall of Fame Luncheon.

"What You Give Away" was originally recorded as a duet with Sheryl Crow, but Gill had even more help for this live performance. He took the stage with his guitar to perform the song with his new friends at the Omni Hotel on Monday (Oct. 17).

The storytelling song serves as a reminder to help everyone you can. The narrator of the tune sings of a wealthy man who can't part with his money and looks down on those lower on the social scale, but the song offers a good lesson for today's youth.

"After you've counted everything you saved / Do you ever hit your knees and pray? / You know there's gonna be a judgment day / So what will you say? / No matter what you make / All that you can take / Is what you give away / What you give away," the group sing in unison.

Gill sits off to the side to lead the song, but the spotlight shines on the youthful singers. The Nashville Public Education Foundation Hall of Fame Luncheon highlighted notable Music City students past and present and focused on the betterment of education in the community.

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