Are you looking for a burger competition here in Central New York? You can take on the Big Bet Burger Challenge from Vernon Downs and Mr. G’s Food and Spirits.

Here’s how the challenge works: finish the Big Bet Burger platter and milk shake in 30 minutes, and you win. You win a Mr. G’s “I Eat Like A Horse” t-shirt, and your meal free. You lose, you pay. Here’s what comes with that platter:

Dave Wheeler/TSM
Dave Wheeler/TSM

The poster is almost actual size. The platter comes with:

1 pound burger, 8 strips of bacon, 6 onion rings, 2 fried eggs, 4 slices of cheddar cheese, 2 pieces of lettuce, 4 slices of tomato, 2 slices of red onion, 2 pickles, 1 pound of french fries, and of course a milkshake to wash it all down.

Recently, I took part in this challenge with Naomi from our sister station Lite 98.7. Neither of us finished the challenge, but she defiantly ate more food than me. She destroyed me on the challenge.

The cost of the challenge is $20 if you fail. You can call Mr. G's for more info.


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